Article I

A. The name of this association shall be the Brassies Women's Golf Association.

B. It shall be a non-profit Association.

Article II

The purpose of this Association is to promote the enjoyment of competitive golf and good fellowship among women golfers of north central Florida via regularly scheduled competition and special events approved by the Board of Directors.

Article III

A. Golf Clubs in north central Florida may become Brassies Golf Clubs if they have an 18 hole golf course with a minimum course slope rating of 115 and meet the requirements for club membership listed in the Standing Rules. The number of individual members from a single club may be limited by the Association in the Standing Rules.

B. Except for the requirement to host play and for the limitation on the number of members, Brassies Clubs as of January 1st, 2005 are exempt from the club membership requirements stated in the Standing Rules.

C. Individual membership in this Association is open to golfers who are eighteen years of age or over; who have a USGA handicap index of 20.4 or less at the time of application and admission; who are year-round members in good standing of an 18-hole LGA; and whose golf club is an approved golf club member of this Association. The total number of individual memberships may be limited by the Association in the Standing Rules.

D. Charter membership has been conferred on members of record as of January 9, 1981. All active members of record on January 1, 2005 may remain members in good standing regardless of their handicap indexes. Individuals who join Brassies after January 1, 2005 may be subject to the handicap requirements in the Standing Rules.

E. An individual applicant for membership shall be proposed by her club delegate or by the delegate's representative. Upon acceptance by the Vice President for Membership, she shall be admitted to membership.

F. Charges of conduct unbecoming a member shall be reviewed by the
Board of Directors with the member being given due notice and an opportunity to be heard in her own defense. Suspension, expulsion or retention may result from this procedure.

Article IV

A. The management of this Association shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors who shall have entire control of the business affairs, property and policy of this Association.

B. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of a President, a Vice President for Tournaments, a Vice President for Delegates, a Vice President for Membership, a Secretary, a Treasurer and three Directors-at-Large. The immediate Past President shall serve in a non-voting advisory capacity.

C. The President shall call all regular Board meetings. Special meetings may be called throughout the year by the President or upon request of any three members of the Board. A majority of the Directors must be present at all Board meetings for business transactions. A majority vote of all Board members present shall be decisive.

D. A member of the Board of Directors who fails to attend three consecutive Board meetings and/or events shall be dismissed from office without prejudice.

F. Should a vacancy occur on the Board of Directors it shall be filled by the President with approval of the Board by the appointment of a member in good standing.

G. The Board of Directors shall promulgate Standing Rules for presentation to the membership at any event with prior notice for adoption, rescission or amendment. "Standing Rules" are those rules that relate to the details of administration.

Article V

A. President: She shall preside over all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors, appoint the chairmen of all committees, and serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. She may appoint both standing committees to perform a continuing function during her administration and special ad hoc committees to perform limited tasks. She shall have full power to fill vacancies by appointment. At Board of Directors meetings, the President shall not vote other than to break a tie in the voting.

B. Vice President for Membership: During the absence or disability of the President to act, she shall perform the duties of that office and shall act in an advisory capacity to the President in all matters. She is responsible for the processing of membership applications, the maintenance of a current membership list and for the production of the yearly handbooks.

C. Vice President for Tournaments: She shall serve as overall Tournament Chairman and is responsible for all matters concerning tournaments including rules, attendance, scoring and payouts. She shall serve as President in the absence of both the President and Vice President for Membership. She shall keep an ongoing attendance record from each tournament, to assist in prioritizing future tournament entries.

D. Vice President for Delegates: She shall coordinate all club delegate activities including communications and training. She shall actively assist delegates with tournaments and special events. She is responsible for disseminating the Standing Rules and any other Brassies procedures or protocols.

E. The Secretary shall record all meetings and conduct all correspondence for the organization.

F. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all Association funds and shall disburse all monies at the direction and approval of the Board of Directors. She shall present a budget to the Board of Directors before the
Tournament season for approval. She shall submit her books to the President for an audit at the end of the fiscal year.

G. Directors-at-Large shall perform duties as may be assigned by the President or the Vice Presidents.

H. Club Delegates shall follow the prescribed duties for club delegates approved by the Board of Directors and listed in the Standing Rules.

Article VI

A. The yearly dues shall be payable to the Treasurer by June 1st. Dues will be deficient after June 30th.

B. The amount of dues for each year will be set by the Board of Directors.

C. The fiscal year of this Association will begin on the first day of July.

Article VII

A. The Nominating Committee consisting of three members from different clubs shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

B. The Committee shall nominate candidates for Vice President/Membership, Vice President/Delegates, Secretary and one Director-at-Large one year and for the offices of Vice President/Tournaments, Treasurer and two Directors-at-Large in the succeeding year.

C. The candidate for the office of President shall be nominated by the Board of Directors.

D. The names of those nominated shall be announced at least thirty days preceding the last business meeting of the fiscal year. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the last business meeting of the fiscal year.

Article VIII

A. The term of office for all members of the Board of Directors is two years.  There are no limits on the number of terms Board Members may serve.

B. Elections for the Board of Directors shall take place at the last business meeting of the fiscal year.

C. All members have the privilege of voting. Voting shall be by acclamation by ballot. A majority of the votes received shall be decisive for the transaction of business.

Article IX

A. The Bylaws may be amended, revised or suspended, in whole or in part, by a majority vote of the membership providing notice has been given to the Association membership in writing at least thirty days in advance of the vote.

B. Proposed amendments may be presented by the Board of Directors or by any member of the Association.

C. These Bylaws were last revised by vote of the membership on October 20, 2014.